Opinion Post: The Legalisation of Gay Marriage in America

Gay marriage being legalised in America is a huge moment in history. When I heard the news, I was so happy and proud. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m clearly one of the many supporters.

What I really want to reflect on in this post is the differing views regarding this rather controversial subject. On the day that the law was passed, indeed, I did see a lot of encouraging, lovely posts that supported gay people and their new rights. However, I did see one post in particular that really caught my eye. One of my close friends, in fact, posted a photograph on Instagram, with a caption detailing how she was disgusted with what America has done, telling supporters “Congratulations. You won”.

I have absolutely no issue with people having differing opinions on the subject. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whatever the topic is. I’ve noticed that the differing opinions on this particular subject often stem from religious points of view. Personally, I am not religious, and whilst I do accept and try to understand their point of view on the topic, it is a little hard. However I always respect others thoughts on any subject (as this is very important in any case).

Please note that what I am about to go on to write is not me making a stereotype or a generalisation about religious peoples, rather I am commenting on what one particular person said.

In reading this post that my friend wrote, I was almost a little ashamed and almost offended. Whilst I am not gay myself, I know many gay people and have gay friends, all of which I whole heartedly felt offended for. What I believe is always important when it comes to discussing a controversial subject is to always respect the other person(s) views and to not try and attack or offend them. This however was exactly what she did.

One of the first things that she wrote about in her post was about how her opinion has been suppressed. That people being against gay marriage is an opinion that has been suppressed, if you will. Now, I don’t believe this to be quite true. I think that that view has been the main, dominating view in society for many years now that has been well and truly heard. I find it very hard to accept and believe that this particular opinion has been suppressed, because it has not. I think that is a fair statement to make.

She then goes on to say how following gay marriage and supporting it is just a “trend”. She writes that people have simply “hopped on the band wagon”. I can kind of see where this point may be coming from, but for me, personally, this was never the case. Ever since I was a small child, I was always explained to that some men marry men, and some women marry women, and that that is okay and most importantly, normal. I never once had a problem with gay marriage. I never thought that it was a trend that everyone was supporting so I should support it too. Furthermore, there have been many gay people throughout our existence, most of which I’m sure were supported by in some way or another. I think it’s impossible to say that everyone has always believed it is wrong, because that is simply not the case. Perhaps it is just that more have realised that marriage, and the right to love who you love, should be a right that is extended to every human being, regardless of their sexual orientation.

The last thing I want to comment on (as I fear that this post may get too long if I keep going) is one of the most commented on statements that she made. “If love is love, that suggests that it is okay for incest”. Personally, I find it hard to see the link between gay marriage and incest. To me that seems as though it is touching on an entire different subject that has nothing to do with the one at hand.

There were many other things that she wrote in her post, regarding how “we should not be tricked by Satan as he has so cunningly done”, how “gay marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage”, how people “may be gay, but not around me”, etc. Whilst in fact I do realise that what I have written barely seems that “offensive”, I want to emphasise that I don’t want to comment on such things too much, as I am not wanting to offend anybody else’s points of view. What really struck me the most was how she replied to the follow up comments on her post, with rudeness and hate.

Overall, what I’m really trying to say is that everyone, whilst entitled to their own points of view, should respect others, regardless of what their opinion may be.

What are your opinions on the legalisation of gay marriage in America? Leave them in the comment section. I’d really be interested to read what everyone thinks, however please take into account what I have just written above. I do not want anybody having rude, offensive arguments.

Till next time,



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