Opinion Post: Zoella


Hello everyone! I wanted to write about something that’s been a lot of talk at the moment on a variety of social media sites. Well not necessarily ‘something’, more like ‘someone’, and that person is youtuber/blogger Zoe Sugg (commonly known as Zoella).  

Zoe is one of the most subscribed to personalities on YouTube and is loved by many people all over the world. In recent times, I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of almost ‘hate’ towards Miss Sugg, her career and her life in general. 

Unfortunately with any sort of fame, there will always be criticism and ‘haters’. With seven million subscribers I’m sure that Zoe herself would be aware of the ‘hate’ that has been directed towards her. There has been much talk of the messages that she has been sending to young girls, about mental illness (as she herself suffers from anxiety), the validity of her book and how much she earns. 

Many have criticized Zoe of broadcasting the wrong message to young females. Mostly I’ve seen, “to be young and pretty”. Having myself been subscribed to Zoe for a long time on YouTube, not once have I heard her, or seen her write such a thing. Zoe’s videos are not directed at sending this message to people, and I doubt that this would have been her goal when making her videos in the first place. Yes, she does makeup tutorials, yes, she does clothing hall videos, but why do people have to look past the fact that she is just talking about what she enjoys talking about? Not once have I heard her tell her viewers that it’s ‘important’ to look pretty. In many cases I think that people have taken her interests and have turned them into something that it’s not. 

Zoe has mentioned in her videos that she suffers from anxiety, and it is known that she suffers from panic attacks. There has been much criticism that Zoe has provided incorrect information about her anxiety and what anxiety is general. Not once has Zoe stated that she is a doctor, psychologist, or a professional on the subject. I find it hard to see what is wrong with speaking out about your own experiences to people who may be suffering the same. It’s clear that Zoe’s intentions were just to try and help, not to diagnose people or provide wrong information. 

Zoe recently published a book entitled ‘Girl Online‘. All over the media there was information spread about Zoe’s ghost-writer who “wrote the book for her”. Many were enraged about this, saying that Zoe was just putting her name on something that she had nothing to do with. Zoe many times has been clear about her association with ghost-writers and how her book was written. In short, I really think that the fact that she used a ghost-writer isn’t a catastrophe. It isn’t worth making a huge fuss about. It’s a waste of time. It was her decision, and all in all, all the ideas/characters in that book were her own. Stop fussing and just let the woman do what she wants to do! 

Finally, there has been a lot of complaint about how much Zoe earns. Many have stated that she earns more than 20,000 pounds for each video she makes. My question is, where is this information been sourced from? No one truly knows how much she has made, and does it matter? She became successful in her own right, she earned it. Many have said that doctors/nurses, who help people, earn less. But again, how are we to know exactly what amount each person earns? And in the end, isn’t life about enjoying your career? It’s not all about money! 

Many may read this and think “typical Zoella fan this girl must be”, but that’s not how it is – I’m not writing this post for the sake of trying to get attention or to seem like a crazed fan. I enjoy watching Zoe’s videos, yes. However it frustrates me to see how successful people are always brought down by others. 

As a final sum up point, I think it’s none of anyone’s business. Everyone is entitled to some sort of privacy, and I believe that people need to stop overreading and overthinking things to extreme points. 

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